Grow Revenue & Lift Your Bottom Line with 1stMILE for VAST

1stMILE is focused on growing your revenue and lifting your bottom line. We provide a host of capabilities to meet the payment needs of all your customers, reducing declined services while also seamlessly providing all the necessary financial functions to your shop. With our partnership with MAM Software this is all available directly integrated into your VAST system.

To find out how 1stMILE can help your shop, or to get started, call our Revenue Specialists at 1-866-783-0809, or visit 1stMILE.com/MAM.

Eliminate Declined Services with 1stMILE

The 1stMILE Credit Facility provides shops an easy, expedient way to match up customers’ financing needs and credit profiles with one of many financing options in our platform. With 1stMILE your customers can receive the following financing options with minimal effort and cost to your shop.

  • Private Label Cards: Boost customer loyalty by accepting Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone, AutoPass, Synchrony, and more Private Label Cards. For qualified customers this offers six months interest-free financing, and for you it means average repair orders $123 higher than credit card transactions.
  • High Ticket Financing: A fully-digital finance solution for repairs up to $7,500. Average repair orders over $1,000 with 60 days interest free and flexible options from 12-36 months.
  • No Credit Lease: A good option for nearly any customer to still be able to fund the repairs they need. 80-90% of your customers can fund repairs up to $2,750 with few basic requirements and 90 days interest free. There’s also no cost to your shop for processing on these repairs.

1stMILE serves over 8,000 automotive locations and has processed millions of customers, allowing shops to take advantage of this invaluable service to convert declined services into increased revenue. If a customer is declined for a Private Label Card they’ll immediately drop down to additional financing options to help your customers get their repairs done, and to help you limit declined services as much as possible.

Get More Cars on Your Lifts with 1stMILE

1stMILE will also work to drive more customers your way, setting you up to accept Fleet Cards. In the process, your shop will be listed online as an available provider, opening your shop up to 10 Million Fleet users.

The average 1stMILE shop enjoys over $15,000 extra annual revenue just from WEX and Voyager Fleet customers. You will automatically be set up to accept Voyager, WEX, Visa Fleet, and MasterCard Fleet, with Fuelman and FleetOne also supported (separate set up).

Increased use of Private Label Cards with 1stMILE also typically leads to an increase in repeat customers and loyalty to your shop. You can take advantage of gift cards with 1stMILE, further raising both customer loyalty and referrals.

Simplify Your Business with 1stMILE

1stMILE includes state-of-the-art payment services to process credit cards, private label cards, fleet cards, checks, gift cards, and more. This is all done at the lowest possible cost, in the most secure environment, and directly integrated into your VAST system to further streamline your business.

With 1stMILE you’ll process all cards with zero markups, a PCI Compliance Program at no extra cost, and with cutting edge technology designed to simplify your payments. You can accept all cards through one machine (credit, fleet, private label, gift), including EMV chip cards, and NFC (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay). Our software also helps eliminate rekeying errors and chargebacks, plus signature capture allows for signature and receipt printed right on your invoices. Lastly, we have recently launched 1stMILE Mobile, an app for iPhone and iPad.

So, with 1stMILE you can process all cards at the minimum possible price (interchange, set by card companies) in an environment optimized for your shop. All of this with no set up fees, no long-term contracts, no cancellation fees, and Next Day Funding available.

Getting Started with 1stMILE

If you have any questions, or you’re ready to get started eliminating declined services, getting more cars on your lifts, and simplifying your business with 1stMILE, give our Revenue Specialists a call at 1-866-783-0809, or visit 1stMILE.com/MAM.